A little color on a rainy April day…

Yes, all these images are from the same colorific wedding in Boothbay Harbor Maine!  It was last June, and today sitting in my office watching dark grey storm clouds roll over…I thought of this day, and it made me smile.They designed the pinwheels and table number bags from a mix of items from their homes in San Francisco and Maine.  It was a true East meets West wedding to reflect their mixed heritage marriage.Lupines are in their full bloom glory the first weeks of June only…and they are on display all over Maine, but they especially stand out against the ocean (and, a white dress doesn’t hurt).

Things we love about Jaime & Tony’s wedding…
Jaime and Tony!  Their eclectic Asian inspired pinwheels make us smile
Lupines in full bloom
Geneve Hoffman Photography

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2 Responses to A little color on a rainy April day…

  1. Jaime says:

    Seeing this put a smile on my face and made me want to relive the whole day over again! Thanks Geneve!

  2. Geneve says:

    thanks Jaime! I’ve been wanting to do an entire post on your wedding…but this will do for now! Stay tuned for later this year when we one on your entire wedding!