Who We Are…and Why We Love What We Do!

What do creative people, who work in the wedding world, talk about over cocktails? We spend five minutes on our families, and then, inevitably and joyfully we spend hours discussing weddings, party design, what is hot, and what is not. We just can’t contain ourselves! So enter Something Blue, a place to share our take on all the fascinating details, people, stories, settings and starry lit bashes that happen in Maine.   Geneve Hoffman runs the blog, but loves to collaborate with all of the amazing artists creating and working at all of these wedding and celebrations.

Maine weddings and celebrations are as multi-faceted, vibrant, and meandering as it’s 3,000 mile long coastline. We will be mining deep into our own collective archives to share stories, but will also love getting dirty while digging into new territory, like stylish hunters and gatherers (probably with glittery earrings), for our readers. If you are planning a special gathering in Maine, Something Blue is the resource for exploring weddings, celebrations, design, artists and other Maine happenings. So come join the party and stay all night!

Geneve Hoffman


Hi! I’m Geneve. Welcome! I have the noble honor of  documenting people on the happiest day of their lives (I do pinch myself daily!) My name is Swiss-French (I know you want to ask) and is pronounced nothing like it is spelled (thanks mom). Think Ja-Nev (as in Bev). I have owned and operated Geneve Hoffman Photography full time since 2003, and Lumina Portrait since 2006. I believe every wedding and celebration is a work of art, and I jump through hoops to document and preserve it for my clients.

I love orange. Fairy tales (the dark gooey ones) spark my imagination. My skin should be green with all the Japanese Sencha tea I drink. Swing by my York Village, Maine studio anytime so we can chat about your wedding or celebration. (Oh, and I might show you a photo of my 9-year-old…I have a few, you know, laying around).

If you’d like to find out more about me, please visit: Geneve Hoffman Photographers

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