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For Maine brides looking for custom, creative and inspired print pieces for their wedding celebration Gus & Ruby Letterpress is one of my favorite places to send them! Not that it’s much of a secret that the work they do is fantastic and that the shop is chock full of eye candy, must haves (perfectly scented candles, note books, colorful calendars, wrapping paper…) and sweet nothings. The custom letterpress pieces are the highlights….sophisticated, thoughtful, colorful and playful….

A complete suite highlights al the possibilities.

The blind printing of the antlers on the save the date at top is sooo chic! I love the vibrant citrus colors and modern blocking of the invite in the middle…and how much fun is a scrabble inspired invite suite?! You know it will make some one’s day when they receive invitations that are so detailed, textural, colorful and thoughtful in the mail!

We asked the ladies of Gus & Ruby to have some fun with our “getting to know you better” questions…here’s what they had to say…

From Sam..
In a past life you were…
An adventurer! Complete with a fabulous, coordinating adventuring outfit, custom-made suitcases and a large trunk to cart around all my found treasures from lands near and far.

Favorite color
I’ve written and re-written my answer to this one at least 5 times!  It’s a real challenge to pick one color, but at this very moment I’d say neon peachy-oranges are making a big appearance in my life right now.

Thing you do to chill…
Go for a long run, play with the pup, cook a nice meal for loved ones and read – in that order.

Best meal you cook…
Recently, I’ve been making roasted root vegetables with caramelized onion and sharp cheddar polenta at least once a week.  It’s the perfect combo of hearty veggies, creamy, cheesy texture and easy prep! Of course, I found the recipe thanks to my time-suck obsession:

Favorite family celebration memory
Sitting at a harbor-side cafe in Mykonos, Greece having cocktails, watching the sunset and laughing with my mother, father and brother this past May as we celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday.

Lady gaga vs madonna…
Both are super talented, but my choice for female songbird would be Adele.

Champagne or margarita
Champagne. Though I’m really on a sparkling Rose kick now.

Most influential person in your professional life & why
My parents. This is an easy one because they are just the most influential people in my life all around. My father because he taught me that following your heart, taking risk and doing what you love in every aspect of your life truly pays off. And my mother because she is my biggest supporter, best unpaid employee, and the most positive, energetic, and talented woman I’ve ever met.

Person living or dead you’d like to have a cocktail with..what would that cocktail be and where would you be?
My Nana (paternal grandmother). She’d be having a scotch and water,  I’d be sipping a French 75 and we’d be in Marblehead – my hometown – on the water. She was one of the coolest, funniest and wisest ladies I’ve known and I wish every day that she was around now. I know she’d have the best life advice for me and, when all else fails, we’d be able to make each other laugh.

From Whitney…
When you grow up you want to be…
A photographer so that I can take beautiful pictures of my family and surroundings, but guessing my iPhone pics will have to suffice

You have three weeks free…loading up the car and heading to where in Maine?
We (hubby & dogs) are headed to a family home in Arrowsic, just outside of Bath where we swim, eat seafood, nap, read, play cards  & board games and R E L A X

What every bride and groom should know…
You’ll spend 6 months to multiple years planning this very special day, but it will go by in an instant and the whole day will seem like a blur. The most important thing (next to finding your mate:) is hiring a talented photographer to capture all of the little moments. When you look back at the hundreds of beautiful pictures, the conversations, laughs and little moments will all come flooding back. You will never regret the money you spend on a photographer. Plus your guests will enjoy looking at the candid photos far more than they will enjoy a mini pie to take home as a favor.

What you love about what you do…
I honestly love everything about my job, but that is an annoying answer so I will say that what I love most is how varied my days are. I get to buy goods for the store, design wedding invitations, sell pretty products to happy customers, dream up window displays, gush about weddings with our brides and grooms, letterpress print beautiful pieces by hand on my grandfather’s press, laugh with my co-workers, laugh a little more… all in one week!

First live concert…
The Beach Boys… still a favorite band

Something new you learned today…
Giving myself an extra 20 minutes in the morning makes a big difference in my mood for the rest of the day.

Favorite indulgence…
Reality TV (isn’t this everyone’s?)

Most influential person in your life and why…
My sister has been the most influential person in my life. I could write a novel about how she has influenced me, but since she passed away I think of her every time I make a major decision (would she be proud? disappointed? would she encourage me to take a risk or play it safe?) While I can’t ask her for advice I do think about the person she was and the person she wanted me to be and this helps me make positive decisions and changes in my life.

Most influential person in your creative life…
Liz, our store manager, merchandiser and window decorating genius. Liz never worries about the details when brainstorming creative ideas (i.e. how are we going to make this?). She dreams big and then figures out how to design it, sew it, paint it, build it, install it… later. This is always a huge challenge for me, but since Liz has been around full time I have been much more conscious of saying “what if” more often.

Thank so much Sam and Whitney! Something Blue loves what you do and all you have to offer to Maine brides!

To see more of Gus & Ruby Letterpress make sure you visit the web site and their shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire…you might run into the actual Gus or Ruby too…the sweetest shopkeeper pups on the block!

Many thanks to Brea McDonald and Emilie Sommer for the gorgeous photos!

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  1. J Sandifer says:

    Gotta Love Sam and Whitney! They have been blowing it up in Portsmouth!