Sealed with a…wait, what? A saw! Dockside Wedding in York, Maine

Christine & Kevin’s harbor side wedding in York was one of those simple, sweeet and memorable Maine days that we love as photographers and wedding creatives. They had a sense of humor, a laid back “come what may” attitude and they were both were just mostly completely full of love for their family and friends, and of course each other.

lobster ring bearer

Have you ever seen this at a wedding? It’s a German tradition and it respresents the first hurdle a couple has to overcome together. If they can cut it in two, it’s a sign of a true love and a successful marriage to come. Christine & Kevin loved it so much, they cut about 3 logs – just to really seal the deal.dockside_york_maine_wedding_0004dockside_york_maine_wedding_0005dockside_york_maine_wedding_0006dockside_york_maine_wedding_0007
Things we love about Christine & Kevin’s dockside Maine wedding…

Dockside Guest Quarters…yours truly had her own wedding reception there, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Always amazing service and classic coastal Maine scenery from every window that you and your guests will linger long into the evening enjoying.
Flowers…The always lovely York Flower shop located right in York Village. York really is quality one stop shopping for our couples.
Cake…Gayle Forte and company at Let Them Eat Cake Maine had an enchanting and totes adorbs lobster lovers cake for the happy couple to enjoy.
Hair & Make up…Duda Spa in Portsmouth is one of my local faves!
Julie Draper…One of our favorite local officiants too.
The Log. Get your own log! No link for that – Maine has a few laying around.

{All photos by Geneve Hoffman Photography 2016}

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