Farm Field Inspiration for Fall

The light is truly poetic on a late Fall day in New England.  The hazy days of Summer are just a memory, and the frosty days of Winter are yet to come…(can you tell I’m trying to be poetic?).  But seriously, as a photographer I yearn for these short but magical days–the crispness of November light inspires me.  So when Kate Martin of Beautiful Days and Maine Prop House asked me to foray into a farm field with her,  I gladly said yes!

I love the romantic, yet approachable quality of this tableau. It looks so inviting.She gathered china, lace, and other family heirlooms to put together this Fall inspired scene.I was drawn to the rustic yet elegant palette and textures.When you gather objects for a special romantic night or wedding theme–think seasonal, and think local.   It’s fun to use nature, unadorned as decoration.Beach Pea bakery provided all the goodies for the “sweets” table.Kate did all the floral elements as well–love the varying textures.Things we love about Farm Field Inspiration…

Major props to Kate Martin and Maine Prop House for the rustic look. If you are looking for a uniquely Maine with a twist look for your next wedding or event – look them up.
Kate Martin of Beautiful Days in South Berwick, Maine for constantly inspiring us, no matter the season!
Beach Pea Bakery for all the beautiful goodies.
Geneve Hoffman Photography for capturing the day (it’s me, again!).

{all photos by Geneve Hoffman}

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