Farm Fresh!

This time of summer is one of  my favorite! Gardens are in full bloom with gorgeous color and bursting with local flavors! A tour of a Maine farmer’s market will give any one planning a mid to late summer family gathering or wedding celebration plenty of inspiration for decorating their tables. If you are lucky enough to have a green thumb (or a sweet relative who spends her hours in her garden!) you can even try to plan ahead and plant some on your seasonal favorites to harvest come party time!
An old enamel bucket sitting on an even older chair makes the perfect statement at a tent entrance…and how simple and beautiful is the vintage mason jar with just cut ladies mantle?! Luckily I inherited a neighbors collection of mason jars that her grandmother used to can her harvest with. They can be found if you hit the right junk shops and flea markets all over Maine!

Masons and terra cotta in old wire baskets make a great centerpiece.

Pull out the old tables from your living room or hunt some down at a yard sale and use it to display your fresh from the farm finds…this would be a fantastic display for stationary aps! Soil, lettuce seeds and aged terra cotta pots (and a little time and water) are all it takes to make this edible centerpiece…a great idea especially if you are someone who loves to  garden and cook!

A trip to the farmer’s market and a few colorful and textural vintage finds create beautiful arrangements. I LOVE the movement of the garlic scapes! And the red of the beets and radishes playing off of the yellow enamel screams summer color!

Lush, green, earthy, simple! Not overly arranged or fussed with….a great table scape to highlight artisnal, local cheese and charcuterie offerings, with fresh breads and fruits, local honey and peach and prosecco cocktails…hmmm I think I just figured out my next party! 
And how inspired are these?! All credit to these three fantastic farm to table creations go to Stacey Glassman of Swan’s Way Catering …not only is she an amazing cook but she knows when the lines of a kale plant, the colors of carrots and swiss chard and dahlias and the sculptural quality of a brussel sprout plant are more than just food, but are art to linger over and admire. Many thanks to Tonee Harbert for the photos of Stacey’s arrangements! And to Geneve Hoffman for the farmer’s market inspired decor.

Farmer’s market inspired decor and decorations from Beautiful Days.

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