Maine people we love…Lena Hartford of Hair That Moves

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Geneve Hoffman}

Lena Hartford from Hair That Moves, pictured below, is one of the most sought after bridal hair designers in the area.  Looking over all these gorgeous photos of her work remind us why.

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Geneve Hoffman}

As I was editing this post and looking through all the weddings we’ve done together, I noticed that the brides hair at every single wedding looked exactly the same the minute it was done as it did for the last dance.  We had windy days (bride with flag) and super hot sticky days…and  a few in between and their hair looked amazing all day!! 

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{top left by Nadra Photography, top right by Leah Haydock, bottom left by Person & Killian, bottom right by Emilie Inc}

Lena has such a polished style and can work with any creative ideas you show her.  Or, better yet, let her create one of her signature styles for you.

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Geneve Hoffman}

This photo above–you can tell by the flag waving–was sooo windy.  The brides hair never strayed–amazing!  And I love how romantic and natural, yet sculpted her hair looks. 

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Kate McElwee}

Lena is a true professional, but also has some fun on the “set.”  She is very laid back and approachable…she works so fast too–she can whip through an entire bridal party lickety-split!

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{right by Mark Davidson, middle by Stacy Kane, right by Geneve Hoffman}

Maine brides want the latest, sleekest styles…and Lena is constantly keeping up to date with the trends.

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Geneve Hoffman}

Her styles look so natural…not over fussy…just classic & elegant, with a twist.

Bridal Hair by Hair That Moves

{photo by Geneve Hoffman}

Lena answered our Something Blue questionnaire…it’s so fun to get personal with our favorite Maine wedding artists!  And Lena is a true artist!
Favorite spot in Maine?
I would have to say york beach.

When you grow up you want to be?
Some one that has made it big, with a small idea.

Favorite color?
Bright melon.

Thing you do to chill?
Enjoy some white wine.

You have three weeks free – going to?
Relax on the beach with my family,f un days with the kids and getting things done on my todo list.

Best meal you cook?
Roast with veggies and potatoes of some sort.

Favorite family celebration memory?
The holidays where family comes in from all over the place to be together, nothing can replace those memories.

What every bride and groom should know but no one tells them?
This is one of the most special days of your life- let it be fun!

What you love about what you do?
I love helping people feel their best on their wedding day.  I love creating their vision and seeing it all come together.

Favorite music artist?
Right now- Miranda Lambert.

Something new you learned today?
How amazing children are, they wow me every day.

Coffee or tea?

Champagne vs margarita?
Margarita, frozen please.

Most influential person in your personal life and why?
I am not sure I can chose one, people everyday amaze and inspire me. that is one of the many reasons I love what I do.

Most influential person in your professional life and why?
I am not sure I can pick one. I work with some amazing people, that are caring and successful and inspire me all the time

Current project–wedding or non-wedding– you are most excited about?
Well, I am always looking forward to photo shoots where I can be creative and try new things. everyday in my hair world, I enjoy keeping up on the latest hair trends, feathers etc.  This week, my project was creating a sugar scrub for my brides and their pedicures! all fun!

Things we love about Hair That Moves…

Lena’s amazing style!  Learn more here…Hair That Moves

Thanks to Lena and all the photographers who gave Lena the images for this post:

Leah Haydock
Kate McElwee
Mark Davidson

Nadra Edgerley
Emilie Inc
Stacey Kane
Person + Killian
Geneve Hoffman

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