Maine Artists We Love…Madder Root

“Beauty is whatever gives joy.”  Edna St. Vincent Millay

The hand made linens from Madder Root caught my eye the first time I saw them on Etsy.  That they were made by two tea-drinking-Edna-St-Vincent-Millay-reading ladies in Old Town, had me starting a “convo” with them (just enter the word “tea” in the search bar of my photo blog…yep, me likey the stuff).   Janyce, with a background in fabric arts, and Christina with a fine art and commercial printing background are the two creative people behind Madder Root.  In their words “Madder Root was born out of a passion for fabric, art, lively conversation, cups of tea and walks with the dog. We see creating and doing business in Maine as more than just a job…it’s a lifestyle.”  They are “inspired by our state’s ocean, forest and mountain vistas and we strive to protect the environment around us with every business choice we make.”

Here are their answers to our spanking new Something Blue, custom designed Q&A .  Curl up with a nice up of tea (you know, not too hot and not tepid…that fleeting sweet spot…) and enjoy a sneak peek into these interesting lives.

Favorite spot in Maine?
J: Anywhere there’s ocean, trees, rocks, and hardly any people
C: I’ll never tell

What should every bride and party planner know, but no one tells them?
J: Embrace your spouse’s quirkiness and inconsistencies
C: How quickly the day goes by.

In a past life you were…
J: Musician
C: Weaver

When you grow up you want to be…
J: Continuously open to new opportunities
C: A farmer

Favorite Color:
J: Purple
C: Grey

Best meal you cook:
J: Homemade pizza
C: Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttermilk frosting (Is it wrong to eat cake as a meal?)

Things you do to chill?
J: Walk, cook, watch movies
C: Hike and garden

You have three weeks free…going to?
J: What I always do…
C: Hike the Long Trail

Favorite family celebration moment?
J: Birthdays when I was a kid, Dad did magic tricks.  Mom made cool games for all the kids in the back yard.
C: My parents have a giant banner that they hung across the garage when it was my birthday.  I’m happy to say they still do it, even though I have my own house now.

Favorite musical artist?
J: Kate Rusby
C: Iron & Wine

Coffee or tea?
J: Coffee
C: Tea

Champagne or Margarita?
J: Merlot
C: Both

Something new you learned today?
J: The phrase “Bob’s your uncle.”
C: Connecticut is called the Nutmeg State.

Most influential person in your personal life, and why?
J: My grandmother.  She was such a strong woman.
C: My mother–she’s such a strong, independent, and caring person.

Most influential person in your professional life, and why?
J: My dad, who could have settled for working under someone else’s rule, but didn’t.
C: Janyce, working with one of my best friends makes work more fun and allows me to be open and creative at work.

Most influential person in your creative life, and why?
J: The Sanagorski’s, who taught me art can be a lifestyle.
C: My friend Kris–she is such an amazing artist and every time I talk with her I am inspired to create.

Love their thoughts on inspiration…and their favorite celebration memories.   I’m gonna check out Kate Rusby (already loooooove Iron & Wine) and yes Christina–chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting is a sub group under the major food umbrella of “chocolate”–completely legitimate, even encouraged meal.  Christina & Janyce have been so gracious to work with (except…I will most definitely probably harass Christina to tell us her favorite spot in Maine…stay tuned for an update fair readers).  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work ladies…looking forward to many Maine celebrations with you two.  And now for some more beautiful images of their collaborative work:They said their latest hot item are the mason jar towels featured above–a bride recently purchased some because the blue was the same color as her wedding.  A lot of folks are buying the “girl and boy” folk bird napkins featured at the top of this post and using them as place settings for the couple.

This is the first post in a series for our “People” section.  Every couple weeks we’ll generally fawn/drool over our favorite Maine artists and pick the brains until they share their beautiful work with us (and maybe even a few secrets).

Things we love about Madder Root:

Design...clean and pretty–where folk art meets modern design.
Texture…soft, organic, hand made linens…sigh…
Commitment…to Maine organic farmers to donate 1% of profits to Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Local, local, local! Archipelago | The Island Institute in Rockland (one of our faves!) sells their linens.  Visit Madder Root’s blog to find out where else in Maine you can buy these fabulous linens.  Their blog is a fun little spot…see more imagery and learn the answer to the question  “what exactly is a tea towel!?” (more uses than you think!)
Etsy, Etsy, Etsy!…and of course Madder Root ‘s chic little Etsy shop…happy shopping! We know you will delight your guests at your next bridal lunch or baby shower or wedding favor with any of their whimsical tea towels, napkins, and produce bags.

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  1. Geneve says:

    Thanks Marit! I love the understated design…and those mussel shells are my faves too! Your mom is lucky to have such a stylish daughter…lol. :)