Maine Artists We Love…Meagan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events

Meagan Gilpatrick owns Maine Seasons Events and she is a rising star in the Maine event design scene.  Meagan literally does it all for her clients.  In her own words she can be found on any given day “planning, decorating, assembling, nurturing, making, baking,building, renovating, repurposing, planting or painting something, anything-everything….”

Meagan gave me carte blanche to feature any images I thought our readers would love…yay!  What fun!   I was left weak in the knees by all the beautiful palettes and images by this week’s featured artist Meagan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events.  What to choose, what to choose?!

First I saw her berry inspired Spring images with adorable stationary by Sara O’Brien of Griffin-vites, and captured beautifully by Brea McDonald, and thought–oh perfect, I’ll just feature those!  So pretty and versatile…could be a lovely Spring wedding or tea party…

But then I saw the lush wedding below…can’t you just almost feel the warm yet crisp air of a gorgeous late Summer day coming from that sunny palette and gorgeous photos by Corbin Gurkin?  Oh, ok, I’ll feature that wedding since it’s so pretty and has my favorite color in it…but wait……as I am reading her blog I stumble upon an Autumn inspired celebration by the same team as the berry wedding (actually, the apple ring images are from Corbin Gurkin…but it was so pretty, had to include it!).  Well, we could feature that as a teaser for anyone planning a Fall soiree……finally, was pretty blown away with the muted, ethereal, blue palette of this Winter inspired wedding below, again stunning photos by Corbin Gurkin.  That photo of the table through the window panes and the wispy Winter trees…heaven.  I’d sit out there in my mink coat and eat hand made marshmellows anytime.  PS…isn’t that Sharyn Peavey of Sharyn Peavey Photography moonlighting as the model??  Ooh, la, la!  What to do though?  Which images do I feature?…

…then finally the inspiration for this post hit me…why not feature them all??  What else could Meagan’s event design business name be?  For looking at her layered celebrations and unexpected colors,  she does uniquely evoke all the seasons of Maine.

We asked Meagan our Something Blue interview questions, and loved all the heartfelt answers.  Our readers would love to see the custom lighting fixture when it’s ready for primetime.  I’ve seen photos and video of that Shasta camper too…it sort of personifies Meagan:  quirky, fun, adventurous, and of course beautifully adorned!

Favorite spot in Maine?
Acadia National Park, we have been going there for 20+ years and always find something new to see or do.  If Heaven exists, it is there!
In a past life you were…?
A master gardener.  I can’t stay out of the dirt and have run out of space in my gardens for anything new, but I still have a plant collection list I am adding too all of the time.  I will be dividing some of my hundreds of perennials this fall, if anyone wants some plants!
When you grow up you want to be?
A more relaxed version of myself.
Favorite color?
Depending on the day and the shade of color, I can love them all.   Choosing just one color for me would be like choosing a favorite child!
Thing you do to chill?
This reminds me that I need to schedule in some chill time, let’s see, working in the gardens with my daughter, hiking in Acadia National Park, going to the beach with my daughter, baking, working on a project with my husband, cleaning the house, I don’t ever sit still, (it actually makes me anxious!) so activities that make me feel like I am accomplishing something are the most effective to calm me!
You have three weeks free – going to?
Camping with my husband and our daughter in our 1968 Shasta vintage camper.  We rebuilt the whole thing when she was a baby and have made great memories driving around and camping.
Best meal you cook?
Roasted red potatoes with baked haddock and fresh whole green beans. Simple but delish!  Though people always request my grilled cheese sandwiches…
Favorite family celebration memory?
Fourth of July in Bar Harbor every year-big family gathering and lots of hiking, swimming, eating, bike riding, parades, fire works, exploring and being outside.
What every bride and groom should know but no one tells them?
That the planning process is part of the experience, part of the journey of becoming married, it should be treated as a valuable and enjoyable part of the journey, not a set of tasks to check off the list.  The year + time spent planning the day you officially come together can be filled with great memories and should be fun and exciting, you just need an experienced tour guide who can manage the journey so that you aren’t stressed out and overwhelmed.  Oh yes, and trust your wedding team to do what they do best!
What you love about what you do?
Designing a celebration that reflects my clients’ vision-bringing to life such a special, meaningful event.  Seeing all of the little details come to life, and the big picture, all of the experience of the day feeling and looking the way my clients envision their wedding day, from the paper and swatch designs over the last year or so, that is very rewarding.  The foundation of what I do, guiding people toward their marriage, helping them come together and bringing their families together is an honor that I am grateful for every day.  I have the privilege of being a small part of these families for that limited and special time while planning the wedding and on their wedding day, it is a very meaningful experience.
Favorite music artist?
Arcade Fire-I can’t help but be slightly in love with Win Butler!
Something new you learned today?
That patience is really a virtue.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the morning, but only 8 oz. and never after 11 am, or I won’t sleep that night.  Irish breakfast tea at night (decaf of course!)
Champagne vs margarita?
Margarita!  Tequila is a lovely and delightful chemical.
Most influential person in your personal life and why?
My husband.  He is my best friend and he pushes me to do better all the time, to move forward, to believe in myself and to not accept less than the best.  He listens to me when I get stuck, knows I can pull off anything I attempt and makes sure I don’t get off track.  He makes me laugh, and laughs with me and has one of the best senses of human nature and sense of humor of anyone I know.
Most influential person in your professional life and why?
I have had the great honor of working with so many talented, passionate, creative and special professionals.  The professionals who gave me permission to trust my instincts and my vision, and to listen to my own voice,  are the ones who have been the most influential.  I feel very fortunate to have had mentors over the last 15 years who have really cared about me, my growth, my success and fulfillment and who have listened and been there for me.  These people form my board of directors, from my former boss in Ohio, to a chef I worked with in my early twenties, to wedding professionals who I have come to know as friends, having a professional support network, to exchange ideas with and to call on for a second opinion, are an invaluable part of being a business owner.  I try to share with others and give back, as people grow themselves and grow their businesses, I have mentored and guided people on their way as well.
Most influential person in your creative life and why?
I am inspired by so many things, and places, and inspired by what my next idea will be, but my husband and daughter inspire me without even knowing it.  My husband is always on a never ending quest to create things himself, and being around his creative energy gets me excited about my own creative ideas.  My daughter, while only 3 and a half years old, sees things in a unique way, shows me things I walk past and points out combinations of colors and items that often become incorporated into my wedding designs.  Sometimes I show her a fabric or a vintage item and ask her what she thinks, how these items can be put together for a wedding and she responds with ideas and enthusiasm.  She picks colors from a Pantone color book for me to consider in my designs.  Working from home with her since her birth has given us the opportunity to communicate and be creative together every day.  To me, the experience of being married to and being the mother of, two creative people is very inspiring!
Current project you are most excited about?
I am working on the design of three, large scale custom lighting fixtures, that we will construct out of natural found objects and fabric for a tent installation for one of my clients’ weddings and I can’t wait to see how it comes together.  It is top secret in the workshop at the moment, but after the wedding I can share images!

Things We Love About Meagan Gilpatrick and Maine Seasons Events…

Maine Seasons Events –talk to Meagan today to have her create your own drool-worthy Maine celebration!
Lakeside Magic feature in Maine Home + Design magazine featuring Meagan’s multi-faceted talents.  Check out her latest work here.
Well Wed Magazine for the delicious Berry Inspired and Maine Apple Orchard features
Corbin Gurkin, Brea McDonald, and Griffin-vites for collaborating with Meagan with such style.
Style Me Pretty mood boards for inspiring all of us on so many levels.

{portrait of Meagan by Melissa Mullen Photography}

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2 Responses to Maine Artists We Love…Meagan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events

  1. Bonnie Biedrzycki says:

    What a wonderful article. Meagan is awesome. She goes above and beyond for every wedding she does. Anyone who picks her gets something really special!

  2. Geneve says:

    Thanks so much Bonnie! Great to hear from you about Meagan..and yep, we agree that she pretty much rocks.