Maine Celebrations…80th Birthday Bash in Kennebunkport

Gathering around a dinner table to celebrate with your nearest and dearest is one of life’s true pleasures. I think that some of people’s fondest memories of family and home are related to these times. Maine wedding and portrait photographer Brea McDonald shared with us one of these intimate celebrations and we think it reflects everything a party should be! A perfect summer day, a big table simply set, silly hats and streamers, roasts and toasts, simple food and alot of love! What more do you really need?!

Things we love about this birthday bash…
Lobsters and clams served in enamel ware with a side of cape cod potato chips! And of course a good beer to wash it down!
Silliness and lots of smiles.
A good old fashioned birthday cake.
The perfect family portrait on the beach!
And of course the thoughtful and beautiful photography from Brea McDonald! Thanks for sharing Brea!

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