Maine Photographers We Love…Brea McDonald

” I am always saying that a wedding is so much more than the planned moments of the day, it’s the ones happening in between and on the sidelines that tell a couple’s whole story.” This is one of the (many!)  reasons we love Brea McDonald…because she gets weddings and knows that the  fleeting minutes of perfect light, a bouquet tossed in the ocean, the amazing backdrops of Maine architecture and oceans, being silly and being barefoot, a mother and father’s faces showing so many emotions at once are the moments and settings she is there to capture.
As you can see Brea is so talented! She is also one of the nicest, warmest and coolest people we know (and LOVE!) in Maine! Here’s a little more about Brea….from some of her answers you can tell she embraces all that Maine life offers…and would be a ton of fun to hang out with!

In a past life you were…

A mermaid
When you grow up you want to be…
A race car driver!
Favorite color…
Thing you do to chill…
Unplug at my parents cabin &  float on my back in the lake.
You have three weeks free – loading up the car and going to where in Maine?
A tour of all the paddle only lakes in the state!
Best meal you cook…
I prefer to bake, so the recipe would be my Maine blueberry bread. It’s a blue ribbon winner at the Fryeburg Fair!
Favorite family celebration memory…
Sundays in the winter growing up. We had a potluck cross country ski party with neighbors and friends every week and I have such fond memories from both the skiing and the potlucking!
What every bride and groom should know but no one tells them…
It’s OK to do it your way for your wedding. Don’t get stuck on what “should” happen or what’s “normal”. Chart your own course and do what feels right for the two of you. Get ready together! Create your own ceremony! See each other before the ceremony! Have all your girlfriends be bridesmaids or nobody! Do what YOU want.
What you love about what you do…
Stopping time. Photos do that and I love looking for those amazing moments to capture.
Lady Gaga vs Madonna?
First live concert…
It was Tiffany… hahahah
Something new you learned today…
That with practice I CAN touch my toes.
Favorite indulgence…
I have a major love of all sweets.
Champagne or margarita?
BOTH! But never, ever on the same night.
Most influential person in your personal life & why?
My best gal pal. She just gets me like nobody else and can read me like a book.
Most influential person in your professional life & why?
I have what I refer to as my “board of directors”. I check in with all of them on a regular basis. They all know me in different ways and offer up unique perspectives. Keeps me asking questions.
Most influential person in your creative life & why?
This is hard. I honestly don’t think I have one. It’s such a collection.
Person living or dead you’d like to have a cocktail with,what would that cocktail be and where would you be?
I would love to sip tea with the new Princess Kate Middleton. It would be fascinating to hear about her experience on her historic wedding day.

Thanks Brea! You rock! Oh and did we mention she captures equally gorgeous family portraits!? Check out all that Brea has to offer at her site
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