Nordic Autumn Inspiration | Wells Reserve at Laudholm, Maine

Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnWelcome to Greenlandia.  Part fairy tale, part viking, part all American.  Ok, we made up the word Greenlandia–it was a joke name we used for our Nordic meets America 4 season concept design we shot over the course of an entire year for Seacoast Weddings Magazine.  It was a riff on Portlandia (my favorite show at the time) and Greenland (is that a real country, anyway?  really?).
But the name began to have meaning for us, and took on a life of it’s own.

Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnMichelle Rose of Minka Fine Flowers, Laura Pope, and I fell in love the Laudholm property in Wells for the Fall part of the shoot.  We were inspired by the copper, golds, and lush late Fall landscape–field meets ocean.  Nik Charov was a pleasure to work with as he guided us through the history and space of Laudholm.  We also knew we wanted this part of the shoot to be in Maine.  Every evening of the shoot this amazing bronze patina would wash all over the property…I found myself lingering long past when all the models and crew left to photograph the color show.  I felt like I was in a Robert Frost poem…all that glitters is gold.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn We were blown away by the stationery work of Moira Abram-Hale at M. Abram Creative.  I had never seen an invite suite like the one she custom made for us–and that is saying something since I have photographed over 300 invitations in my days.   I showed her some cut out work by Rob Ryan (HUGE FAN) and some old germanic, Pennsylvania dutch floral patterns–and she ran with it.  I want to get married again so I can have Moira do my invites and Ellen Braley at El’s cards do all my signs and welcome map.  Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnMichelle Rose at Minka and I knew we wanted to do something different for the pretend “cocktail” hour.  We see so many weddings…and we wanted to think of how guests could linger and nosh and sip in a way that honored both the space and the nordic vibe.  We came up with this long, low table filled with inviting hors d’oevres and drinks as well as little collectibles that our couple, Sam & Elsa, might have collected.   And I’ll have you know–we named our little bride Elsa LONG before Frozen came out.  It was kismet! Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnMichelle collected dried cotton that was a definite American note in our nordic palette.  It complimented the stunning copper and gold dress from the always enchanting Madeleine’s Daughter Bridal Shop.  We wanted a mix of textures in the entire shoot…soft mixed with lush mixed with shiny.   Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnI actually bought a ton of props from the November Sage Farm Antiques Fair in North Hampton, NH.  I didn’t list them below because they are not known for outfitting weddings–but I say all this to inspire would be couples to seek out alternative shops and prop houses for your day.  The bonus–I get to keep all these wonderful pieces for my own collection. Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Jacki Norrie and her wonderful staffer Christine Enwright at Wedding Tresses pulled off the perfect hair style.  Wendy Freedman styled our bride out with vintage jewels from her own collection.  Nicole Masterson, my go to make up lady, nailed the late Fall look too.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnWe also knew we wanted to try a new look for a groom.  I saw a real wedding from Sweden where the groom just wore a beautiful sweater and turtleneck–and it worked.  I put a bit of an American spin on it and outfitted our groom in warm browns and classic gray from J Crew.  the dapper Mark St. Laurent provided the perfect suit too.   Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Loving Wendy Freedman’s fur and leather styling above…and Moira’s full invite suite–stunning. Ellen Braley did the calligraphy by hand on the invites too.  Quite the collaboration!Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnTom and company from Boghat band serenaded us in the 40 degree November weather!  Although, they made it look and feel much warmer.   Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnAnd here is the famous Guest Seating Chart by Ellen Braley.  When I first saw El’s seating chart maps, I knew it would be the key piece to build our shoot around.  For who could be more perfect to bring our fantasy place called Greenlandia to life than El?  We had so much fun working with El on this….I am going to do an entire post on this alone in the near future…stay tuned.   But meanwhile, call her up asap for your real wedding–you will have a true heirloom of your day to beguile guests with and custom artwork forever.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnI was very inspired by my daughter’s favorite book, the classic House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne and the 100 acre wood map on the binding.  We had the Kissing Tree, The Picnic Spot, Camp North Star (where our fictional couple met), the Italian Alps, Minnesota etc.  And of course, all of this takes place in the mythical place called Greenlandia.  We had a blast coming up with names and place names for the map too-guess who was invited?  Bjork, Sigur Ros, Leif Erikson, Ragnor Lothbrok, Stellan Skarsgaard, Eric Northmen, Lawrence Welk as well as all of our crew and even some staffers from Seacoast Weddings.  No detail too small for my crazy shoots.   El’s work allows you to explore into pretty deep territory–and that in the end is what makes a wedding special.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Michelle & Meredith over at Minka created the perfect remembrance of the glorious Summer that was, blending with the quiet Winter to come that is Maine in November.  The soft wool and fur textures beckon the wedding guest to the table.   Our palette of bronze, copper, gold, white, creams and a hint of soft pink really embraced the time of year and put a modern spin on it.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnSome more inspired signs by El’s Cards lead the guests on a fun journey around the wedding–from the guest seating chart map to the table frames to the edibles to the whimsical guest book globe. Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Michelle and I copper leafed all the pears–we just used a tutorial from  Even though our inspiration shoots look very high level–anyone can do it with some planning.  We like to inspire wedding planners as well as crafty couples.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnOur signature drink was called “Copper Blossom.”  It was aquavit, aperol, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters.  I casually mentioned to El that it might be fun to have a “norwegian flag” stirrer in one of our meetings–and she delivered on it.  Super classy and fun. Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnHere was our biggest nod to Americana meets Nordica–apple & pumpkin pies.  So perfect for Fall in New England.  Imagine your guests delight upon seeing this spread for dessert. Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnThis was the iconic shot I had in my mind for this shoot…I like to really craft a story and take viewers on a journey with my work.  So we had our couple dance in the field at Laudholm to the romantic Boghat band.  These elaborate inspiration shoots are such a labor of love…but the layers of the story were worth it in the end.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic Barn A little behind the scenes fun–esp with Sophia, Mark & our attire stylist Wendy Freedman.  Cold hands, warm hearts.Nordic Wedding in Fall, Maine Historic BarnThings we love about this wedding inspiration photography concept…

Design & Photography by Geneve Hoffman Photography
Floral, Styling, Design by Michelle Rose, Minka Fine Flowers
Design and Location Managing by Laura Pope
Hair by Jacki Norrie at Wedding Tresses
All signage and Guest Seating Chart Map by Ellen Braley at El’s Cards
Custom Invite Suite by Moira Abram-Hale at M. Abram Creative
Floral Styling assisting by Meredith Reynalls of Blooms
Styling by Wendy Freedman
Cinematography, Marina DeMarco, Geneve Hoffman Photography
Dress from Madeleine´s Daughter Bridal Shop
Grooms Attire, J Crew
Musicians by Boghat Band
Modeling by Sophia Lupi & Mark St. Laurent
Cinematography by Marina DeMarco
Pies by Popovers on the Square
Location by Laudholm Farm at Wells Reserve with help from Nik Charov

Please view the entire gallery from the magazine at Seacoast Weddings Magazine.

{all photos by Geneve Hoffman}


Broadturn Farm Wedding | Scarborough, Maine

What is it we love about farm weddings…especially in Maine?  Part of it is the sense of getting back to our roots:  despite the fancy coastal homes that get all the attention, Maine is mostly a rural state with strong ties to it’s idyllic heritage and traditions.   Why not celebrate that?   Rachel & Sean fully embraced the farm’s style and reflected in almost every detail of their day.Flora*Bliss is the onsite flower shop for the farm.  Flora is John & Stacy’s daughter, and Bliss is their family name…it was meant to be.  Check out the story of their farm and how they got started in the links below.

Animals abound on this little farm–everyone got a kick out them all day.Rachel had lots of texture in her dress, shoes, and accessories–all from the new-ish (and completely fabulous) Anthropologie bridal shop BHLDN.You may be wondering the story behind this image of the dress?  My assistant Wendy and I like to think outside the box when styling out the dress.  Rachel got to use the charming old farmhouse for her bridal prep (a MAJOR bonus to this spot!)–she had the dress all nicely displayed on this form in the dressing room.  But the house had so much character–we saw this ornate gun, and the huge flower…and just got hit with inspiration.  I think it’s one of my favorite “portraits” of the dress ever.Loved the pop of bright blue on the groomsmen.  And those country, yet fancy, suits were just perfect for the relaxed late Summer day on the farm.The ceremony is held in one of the rolling pastures on the farm–quite a treat for the guests, and the photographer.All the food from Belle Fete was farm to table inspired..including the herb infused butter below.This little guy was so excited that he finally caught that kitten.  The second he released him the kitten ran like crazy back to his cozy house!The day was so enchanting, and the grounds so inviting…even though the lovely tent was set beautifully, folks just took seats outside to enjoy the scenery.  Super casual and fun.

Things we love about Rachel & Sean’s wedding…

Reception & Ceremony…Broadturn Farm, Scarborough Maine
Floral…Flora Bliss at Broadturn Farm
Dress & Shoes…BHLDN/Anthropologie
Suit…My Suit NYC
Catering…Lori Kinkade at Belle Fete Events & Catering
Cake & Desserts…mother of the bride
Make up…The Kiss!
Entertainment…The Good Times String Band





Late Summer on the Farm…Maine Wedding Inspiration

Kate Martin of Beautiful Days had this idea in her bag of inspiration tricks for quite some time…an inviting, farm inspired, sweets table with a bold yellow, blue and red palette.  And on one blustery very late Summer day, we hoofed it out to an open field in York Maine to put this all together.This was the iconic image that Kate had in mind…a super happy Summer drink that was literally dripping with sweet vanilla ice cream.Kate collected kitschy but useful farm inspired objects like this chair and pillow all Summer long for her inspiration.  She found the old wooden blocks at a flea market–one of THE best sources for uniquely aged yet still hip items.We were both sampling sweets all day–just too enticing!  Can you picture this table at a wedding or kids party?  Kate thought it might be fun for an engagement surprise too…how romantically delicious!  It would be such fun to collect your favorite sweets for a last taste of Summer!  My personal faves…the tart cherry sour balls…mouth watering.Gus & Ruby provided the pretty letter pressed stationery inspiration.Things we love about this Sweets Table Inspiration…

Kate Martin of Beautiful Days…never ceases to amaze us with her scrumptious ideas.
Gus & Ruby Letterpress…for the chic Summery stationery elements
Beach Pea Bakery…for the buttery, yellow as Summer cake
Geneve Hoffman Photography (yes, it’s me again)…for not eating the entire table as she shot it

{all photos by Geneve Hoffman}

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Modern Take on Red, White & Blue…York Harbor Wedding

Ok, so the flag is not modern at all…in fact it’s a vintage flag that belongs to Phil Lusty at Dockside Guest Quarters.  Had to give a nod to the Stars & Stripes for our upcoming Independence Day Celebrations!  But the rest of Amy & Eric’s wedding is a subtle play on the traditional 4th of July theme.  The day was a classic blue sky Maine day on by the sea…need I say more.

Things we love about Amy & Eric’s Wedding…

Amy & Eric for planning (and very much pulling off) such a classic yet modern Maine wedding.  They both made our jobs so easy and joyful.
Dockside Guest Quarters
, York Harbor Maine for the blue sky July Maine view of the sea…and for firing up the old canon on the lawn at high noon!  So festive!
Cape Neddick Inn, Cape Neddick, Maine for a fun and elegant rehearsal spot
Beautiful Days, South Berwick, Maine for evoking the palette of July 4th in such a soft, pretty way
Let Them Eat Cake, York, Maine for the amazingly delicate and beautiful cake
DJ Fred Pappalardo for keeping the joint hopping
Susan Antal who gave a lovely ceremony
York Trolley Company, York Maine for keeping everyone arriving safely and in style
Joya Beauty, Dover, New Hampshire for creating a stunningly beautiful bride!
Geneve Hoffman Photography…well for, you know, the photos.  Aw shucks.

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Preppy & Perfect in Maine

I love a Maine wedding that is full of details especially when they are so fresh, fun and perfectly preppy! For Ruthann and Josh’s Biddeford wedding no detail was overlooked…the bold color palate of navy and fuchsia used through out the celebration, the anchor and oars monogram, the pink signature drink with blueberries, even the flip flops for dancing the night away fit right in! geneve_hoffman_photography0001
So sweet! Really does much more need to be said? (and of course Ruthann’s day started in pink!)
What is not to love about a sparkly purse and shoes ?! And you can never go wrong with a classic white bouquet.geneve_hoffman_photography0009
The pink is just right on the invites… a little fuchsia goes a long way…and how about the perfect preppy touch of the white and navy grosgrain ribbon tying it all together!geneve_hoffman_photography0008
Khakis, navy blazers, bold ties, on the rocks….classic!geneve_hoffman_photography0006
What little girl wouldn’t feel special with big bows and flowers in their hair?geneve_hoffman_photography0010
Hitched and happy…geneve_hoffman_photography0017
… time for some photos by the sea and to steal away for some kisses…..
..and more kisses and the first dance to get the party started.geneve_hoffman_photography0005geneve_hoffman_photography0012geneve_hoffman_photography0016

What a party! Congratulations to Ruthann and Josh…your celebration looks like it was a blast and we love that you embraced every detail!

Things we love about Ruthann and Josh’s wedding…

Beautiful flowers and perfect planning from Bea & Company
Classic Maine lobster bake from Chefa’s
Gorgeous hair from Hair That Moves and glowing bridal make up from Joya Beauty
And all the details and stolen moments of the day captured by Geneve Hoffman Photography

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