Peaks Island Moonlit Wedding…Andi & Sean

I love intimate gatherings like the Peaks Island wedding of Andi & Sean.  It was all about the fun & love between very close friends and family…with none of the fuss (although you wouldn’t know this wedding was no fuss–all the details charmed the guests at every turn).This couple was such a pleasure to watch all day…so natural and laid back.  The flip flops and flats added to the casual vibe.Andi & Sean’s serene grey & purple palette was threaded through every detail of the day.The boutonniere was hand made with fabric.  Did you know that Boutonniere is the french term for “buttonhole” and was originally placed on a man’s lapel to ward off bad luck, disease, and evil spirits?   We are so glad to see groom’s having lots of fun with “bouts” these days.All the stationery was designed by Andi’s mom Mary Velgos.  The craft paper and hand drawn maps were so inspiring and set the tone for the elegant yet laid back fete to come.The serene seaside ceremony was presided over by Sean’s father.  The couple put their vows on little booklets and took their time savoring every moment of the beautiful day and gathering of friends and family.At one point the couple headed to the cliffs behind the house they rented for the day and just had a quite moment alone…something every couple should do at one point during their day.Everyone stayed on the island, so they just picked the best day of the week, weather wise, and went for it!  When you have a week long island wedding like this, keeping the schedule flexible allows you to take advantage of the best weather days.  Everything in this wedding was DIY by some extremely talented family and friends!Andi’s friend, Perry Sutherland, did all the catering, assisted by Carleen Madigan and Perry’s god daughter, Mave–they looked like pros and did it all out of the rental house kitchen.We really love all the details of this wedding…including the typewritten quotations on each lid of the mason jar wine glasses.This wedding was as joyous and fun as it looks.  They had a quirky photo booth set up by the bride’s brother.All the girls and most of the party wore some form of purple…I love a wedding where the bridal party is wearing jeans and flip flops.  Throw out the rules and have some fun!They partied into the evening…underneath a full lit moon.  So romantic and festive!
Congrats to Andi & Sean!

{Photography by Geneve Hoffman}

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