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The image above taken by Patrick McNamara illustrates his photography style… beautifully composed, evocative, unexpected…and a little bit of wink-wink.  The image below taken of Patrick McNamara illustrates my friend and all around cool dude…beautifully composed, evocative, unexpected…and a little bit of wink-wink.I have known Patrick for about 8 years now, although he’s been shooting professionally for 20+ years now, and he was on the top of our list for a Something Blue feature for many reasons.  Not only is his work unique and sought after, but his professionalism puts him a class above.   Patrick captures every aspect of an event or wedding or portrait beautifully, however it’s the joyfulness and humanity of his images that sets his work apart.  In a wedding world that is sometimes overly obsessed with details, timelines, and objects…he manages to weed through it all straight to the emotional heart of the subject.  He is, on top of it all, a joy to work with and always keeps his brides, not to mention the DJs/band/planners/florists etc, smiling with his wicked (and articulate!) sense of humor!He gave us such heart felt (and sometimes snarky) answers to our Something Blue Questionnaire!  But what else did I expect?  Patrick is always generous in soul and heart.  I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Favorite spot in Maine?
Stonington, as well as the rest of Deer Isle, ME
In a past life you were…?
A Wombat…. come on, I have no clue!
When you grow up you want to be?
I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing right now and I have no plans to grow up.
Favorite color?
PMS 279
Thing you do to chill?
You have three weeks free – going to?
Rent a house on Deer Isle and spend some much needed and long overdue R&R with my wife and kids.  Or maybe Fiji….
Best meal you cook?
Grilled cheese sammy.  I’m quite limited in the cooking Department.
Favorite family celebration memory?
This is bittersweet, but the most meaningful celebration was a toast we made after my father passed away from cancer.  Exhausted from the final days leading up to his passing, we planned a final farewell with an Irish Blessing at Sunrise at our families favorite spot on Ogunquit’s Marginal Way.  At 5:00 am in the late June morning chill, we poured each other some Irish Whiskey, said our final words, toasted my father, then climbed out onto the rocks and dove into the ice cold Atlantic.  Being around the ocean meant so much to my Dad and as we all sat there shivering and dripping wet, we couldn’t help but smile and know in our hearts that he was smiling too.
What every bride and groom should know but no one tells them?
A lot of people get too caught up in the production portion of putting on a wedding reception.  They can get overwhelmed with too much advice from everyone telling them they HAVE to do this or HAVE to do that. Guess what… there is no right or wrong way and all the little things that you choose to do will make your wedding unique and different from the last wedding your guests went to.  I’ve never once seen anyone at a wedding holding a clipboard and going through a punch list to make sure that you did everything the RIGHT WAY!  Trust your instincts, do it your way and enjoy your day!
What you love about what you do?
There is sooo much emotion on a wedding day.  Laughter, tears, excitement, anticipation…. it’s all so genuine and for me, very exciting to document.  I originally came from a commercial photography background which was fun, but so literal and absolute.  You are hired to help an Art Director fulfill his vision of what an image should look like for the Ad campaign.  With weddings, it’s all up to you and your creativity.  When people see your work as being beautiful and choose you as the perfect fit to document their day, what could be more rewarding?
Favorite music artist?
Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Something new you learned today?
That I have never once thought of what I might have been in a previous life.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee and lots of it.
Champagne vs margarita?
Most influential person in your personal life and why?
My Father, hands down.  The kind of guy that would do the right thing, because it was the right thing to do!  A hard nose kind of guy that expected you to give everything you do a 100% effort and without any complaining.
Most influential person in your professional life and why?
Irving Penn, a true visual artist.  Penn did it all with unparalleled artistry.  Fashion, still life, portraiture, fine art… his work is brilliant, regardless of the subject matter.
Most influential person in your creative life and why?
Painter/sculptor Paul Oberst.  Paul and I have been collaborating on a fine art project for a few years now and he has helped me overcome my ingrained sense of telling a story or answering a question with my images (a requirement for an advertising photograph from my commercial background).  Instead, I now embrace creating fine art images that ask questions instead of answering them.  A little mystery is more intriguing than simple documentation.
Current project you are most excited about?
The aforementioned fine art project w/ Paul Oberst.  A sample of our collaborative work (see image below), plus some of Paul’s sculptures will be on display at The Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) in Rockport, ME, this coming August. But, above all, it’s Patrick’s amazing eye that keeps us coming back…Things We Love About Patrick McNamara Photography…
Patrick McNamara’s portfolio and blog…visit his Cape Neddick studio today to discuss your event or project!
Center for Maine Contemporary Art…for featuring Paul Oberst and Patrick McNamara August 6-Sept 25 and other fascinating Maine artists and colloborations.

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One Response to People We Love…Patrick McNamara Photography

  1. Geneve says:

    Thanks for the reply Paul! I was telling Patrick tonight that I loved his comment about commercial gigs vs weddings…I never thought of it that way…how you have so much freedom to capture it in your own way with no restraints. That is why it’s so important a bride and groom hire an amazing photographer, one they trust…it is ultimately the photographers vision/interpretation of the wedding that will last for generations. Deep stuff!