Perfection in Pemaquid Point, Part I: Emily & Oliver

How’s that for some random Maine wedding alliteration? (if only there names were Penelope & Paul….but Emily & Oliver are pretty darn cute).   But really…I have photographed over 300 weddings, and these two weddings in fabled Pemaquid Point take the cake.  It’s hard to pinpoint why a wedding sticks in your mind…could be the couple, the colors, the day itself, the location, the food (oh the food at two these weddings…more about this later), the decor…or all of the above in these weddings.  But mostly, they were just quintessential and quirky Maine from head to toe…my favorite kind.
When I asked them what they remembered most about their day, they both agreed it was the amazing weather, but also “the feeling of being surrounded by close friends and family.”  They both felt “so unbelievably loved that day.”

A little about their palette from Oliver:  “Emily chose the color palette after fell in love with the green of the bridesmaids dresses from J. Crew. She has always been a fan of bold, vibrant colors and once we started planning the flowers with her mother, she couldn’t stop!  We ultimately chose to make all the paper goods (save the dates, invitations, programs, etc.) ourselves, so the Paper Source played a role in our color selection as well. She spoke to some friends who discouraged her use of so many vibrant colors, but in the end were happy with our choice.”Ok, I love what they had to say about everything…but, what I remember as a “documenteur” (photographer sounds so clinical) was the incredible food.  Oh, alright, and the colors, and the palette, and the details, and the location, and the weather…and the happy couple…too….  :) Maybe I’m just seen too many stale chickens wrapped in beige sauce, but the food created by Beth & Warren at The Bradley Inn was so bright and colorful…and I might add mostly organic and local too.  I NEVER photograph this much food at a wedding…I didn’t even get to shoot the amazingly fresh salmon…too busy scarfing it down (I don’t run on batteries–plus I had lost all my light by then…food + flash = boring IMHO).
Beth owns both the Bradley Inn and The Contented Sole–where Emily & Oliver had their rehearsal dinner.  I asked her about the approach they take to weddings and food:  “Warren and I tag team on menu development, or should I say we act as interpreter of wishes, whims, and special requests.  We definitely embrace local and fresh and we are really lucky to have some great local producers.  We grow our own herbs and edible flowers, but recently most of our produce comes from Johanna & Adam of Songbird Farms.  Of course we are lucky to be situated near the source of the world’s greatest oysters harvested by Pemaquid Oyster and John’s River Oysters.  Our neighbors Dave & Richard Cheney provide our lobsters.  The cheeses were from Townshend Farm, Pineland Farms, Seal Cove, and Old Chatham.  Warren is self trained and he gets excited about exploring new ideas.”
I’ll let Emily & Oliver have the final say on their incredible wedding day…”The two things that we loved about getting married in Pemaquid were the breathtaking scenery and the memories. Emily has been in love with the white cliffs along the coast of Pemaquid Point since she was a little girl, so it was very special for us to start our lives together in such an astonishing place. There are so many great spots around the point for photos (the rocks, the lighthouse, the fort, the dock, etc.) and each one has its own memories of us together with family and friends. We were glad that you were able to document the occasion so perfectly at each location.

Pemaquid has always been an important part of Emily’s life and has become a very special place for me and my groomsmen over the last five years. It is comforting to know that we were able to broaden that love that we have for the area by sharing it with our friends and family for a week.”There you  have it.  Why should I tell you the things we love about getting married in Maine, when my brides and grooms do it so much better!

Things we love about Emily & Oliver’s wedding…
The Bradley Inn for the to die for food and setting
The Harrington Meeting House (see it here on another post about their wedding)
J Crew for the cute and affordable bridesmaids dresses
Paper Source for all things lovely, shiny, pretty in the DIY paper world
Maine DJ Service for keeping the tent a rockin’

{all photos by Geneve Hoffman Photography}

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