Rainy Days and Maine Weddings

The natural settings of Maine are some of the top reasons brides and grooms choose to get married in Maine. The gorgeous and dramatic coastline, the pristine woods and lakes, and the fields and farms are beautiful backdrops for any celebration. All couples wish for the perfect sunny day but anyone who wants blue and sunny skies on their wedding day has to accept that it could rain, hail or hurricane no matter what the season! Today’s rainy day is reminding me of a few weddings I have done in the past that were forced inside because of rain (thank goodness for back up plans!!!). These celebrations were still filled with love, warmth and fun despite grey skies.
The ceremony of this York Harbor Reading Room wedding was supposed to be outside on a deck overlooking beautiful York Harbor beach but rain forced everything inside…till after the ceremony when the bride and groom and their wedding party took the party outside armed with umbrellas! The wedding party’s awesome attitude carried through the whole evening!
This wedding was at a boy’s camp in mid-coast Maine in the woods along a lake – really a gorgeous setting. Rain caused us to move into the old theater which we made warm and cozy with plenty of candles and lighting a fire. The fireplace hadn’t been used in decades and we crossed our fingers when lighting that first match! Some of the guests commented that it was once of the most special wedding ceremonies they had witnessed and even the bride and groom said that the atmosphere was so warm and full of love.
So this wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn wasn’t just sidelined by rain, it was taken over by an uninvited, guest Hurricane Danny! The wind was blowing, rain was coming down sideways and there was no way we were staying under the tent on the water. Everything was moved inside with a ceremony in the Inn’s cozy lobby and reception in the dining room. The party was a rocking love fest despite Danny! I think the last photo says it all!

Special thanks to Brian Wedge for capturing the spirit of the York Harbor Reading Room and Newagen Seaside Inn rainy days and to David Murray Weddings for capturing the warmth of the camp wedding!

Beautiful Days coordinated all the weddings and does everything possible to make the sun shine on your wedding day but can’t make any promises!

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