Road Trip…Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple SundayOccasionally we go “off road” to feature uniquely Maine happenings.  This week we just had to feature the yearly celebration that everyone looks forward to:  Maine Maple Sunday!   Frigid nights and hints of warm Spring days means one thing in the woods of New England:  maple boiling season is here.   Even though I spent my childhood in New Mexico & Colorado, my mother thankfully “imported” Abbot’s Farm 100% pure maple syrup from Tilton NH by the gallon full–it’s the stuff she grew up on and she wouldn’t let any of that fake stuff pass our lips.  We boiled it and poured it not only pancakes & waffles, but on fresh fallen gathered snow…something every kid should try sometime. 
One thing I’m sure of after tasting all grades and shades of syrup since I was toddler, is that every sugar shack has it’s own distinct flavor.   It comes from many things, including the soil, the maple trees, the each season.  Maple syrup is an incredible ingredient too…just ask any local (or international for that matter) chef their favorite way to use maple and the last thing they will say atop pancakes (although kids of all ages would beg to differ).2012 will be my 10th season touring the shacks of Maine Maple Sunday.    It’s a rare time when dozens of shacks throw open their doors to celebrate the bounty of the season and show off the process.  Maine Maple Sunday is held on the last Sunday in March every year.  Visit the Maine Maple Producers Association links below for a map of all the participating sugar shacks.  There are demonstrations, tastings, farm markets, tractor rides, pancake breakfasts, mini petting zoos, museums, walking tours…but mostly, there is that singular aroma of boiling maple sap in the air.  A cute little maple leaf glass bottle as favors for a wedding or party guest will delight every time.Each shack has it’s own take on  maple production–some use the latest and greatest high tech methods and some are old school.  Part of the fun of Maine Maple Sunday is supporting the robust locavore movement in Maine.Maine Maple season is worthy of celebrating and sharing here at Something Blue!

Things we love about Maine Maple Sunday…

The Maine Maple Producers Association…for opening up their sugar shacks
March in New England…doesn’t get anymore Americana than tapping and boiling on those last days of Winter
Thurston & Peters, Sugar Hill 207-793-2773, and Hilltop Boilers 207-793-8850 were featured.  They are all located in Newfield Maine area.

{all photos by Geneve Hoffman}

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