Road trip stop at Rock, Paper Scissors

I travel through Wiscasset many times during the summer on my treks to and from fabulous weddings along the coast of Maine. After a wedding I like to treat myself with a stop at Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is eye candy and inspiration on every shelf…gorgeous papers, amazing home decor pieces,  handcrafted jewelry, purses and toys, trinkets and bobbles. Modern and fun pieces for any home and a beautiful selection of special cards…plenty to inspire any bride when working on their save the dates and invites!Love the groupings of objects filling the shelves! And the color palette….green, blue and yellow.Color, color, color!!!! I always spend plenty of time checking out the cool kids toys and books to find something special to bring back to my little one.Ok so this grouping of fabrics and the purse is soooo gorgeous! Amazing and on trend color palette…oyster, grey, taupes, naturals with a hit of gold…stunning and modern palette for any wedding!Perfect pieces for special wedding party gifts and accessories or a little something for your self.

The owner Erika Soule has such a fantastic eye and the heart of a genuine artist that I thought it’d be great to get to know her a little better…

In a past life you were?
Writing illuminated manuscripts, at least that is what someone told me.
When you grow up you want to be?
Actually, I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing.
Favorite color?
Right now- grey, charcoal to oyster love them all.
Thing you do to chill?
I like to watch bad television.
You have three weeks free…going to where in Maine?
Georgetown.  Love this place. I’ve been going since I was a kid.
Best meal you cook?
Technically not cooking, but I make a mean salad.
Favorite family celebration memory?
Our wedding.  Everyone all together. Friends and family. Great spot.  Excellent food.  What more could you ask for?
What every bride and groom should know but no one tells them?
Eat something before the wedding and don’t forget to breathe.  And when you get tons of unsolicited advice, say “thanks, we’ll keep that in mind.”
What you love about what you do?
Finding and supporting new artists and makers.  I love that most everything in my shop has a story.
First live concert?
Aerosmith. Much to the dismay of my brother who would rather have had anyone other than his younger sister as his rock companion.  (who embarrassingly  put ear plugs in her ears)
Lady Gaga vs. Madonna?
Oh, easy. Madonna hands down. The original and still the queen.
Something new you learned today?
It’s still early in the day…  I did realize that bad weather doesn’t affect my mood.  Maine is still pretty no matter what.
Favorite indulgence?
Coffee frappuccino with a shot of espresso.  Or McDonald’s french fries.
Champagne vs margarita?
Neither, I’m one of those non-drinker types.  But if I had to choose, it would be the margarita, the lime and salt combo sounds pretty good.
Most influential person in your personal life and why?
My mom.  She is, as my husband says, “a ridiculously great person.” She is my sounding board for all things personal and business.  And good company to boot.
Most influential person in your professional life and why?
My former boss/friend Sharon.  (owner of The Marston House antiques-the best, check it out) She has taught me so much by example.  The biggest lesson she taught me was to buy only what I love.  It has served me well.  I also learned a lot about what a working relationship could be.  She is an inspiration in many ways. And she makes the best egg sandwich ever.
Most influential person in your creative life and why?
John Derian, Ted Muehling, Sibella Court to name a few.  Since my creative and professional life seem to be intertwined most of my influences are inspiration for my shop life.  In my not so spare time as an artist, I would say nature is a big influence.
Person living or dead you’d like to have a cocktail with…what would that cocktail be and where would you be?
I was thinking grand for awhile on this one, but I think in reality, it would have to be my grandmother.  She was funny, smart and straightforward.  We would be hanging out on the porch at her place in Georgetown drinking water.  According to her, the best part of the meal.

Thanks for playing Erika! Can’t wait to stop by as soon as possible! You can find Rock, Paper, Scissors on Route 1 in the heart of Wiscasset…definitely make it a stop on your adventures along the coast of Maine!
Photos by Geneve Hoffman Photography.

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  1. Geneve says:

    Thanks Kerry! Will check out your blog too!