Seasonal Inspiration- Naturals & Neutrals

With the holidays upon us we are thinking about decorating! As much as I love my weddings I always look forward to this time of year when I have a bit of time to dress up my house! And with 13 adults and 5 little ones around the Thanksgiving table I wanted to make sure it was warm and inviting.  I thought I’d share my inspiration for my Thanksgiving table decor and the results. This fall I’m all about neutrals and naturals and layers of textures. The first few photos show a gathering of items from around the Beautiful Days shop that inspired my table top design.

And here are a few photos of the final table…can you tell I am in love with the lace and burlap wraps on the votives!? I did something similar for a wedding client this fall and couldn’t get enough of it! The old boxes come from a recent treasure hunting afternoon, the white pattypans are leftovers from my garden, the gourds were collected by my husband and son from a local farm, acorns were gathered from a perfect oak tree at my brother’s house…and my favorite detail is of course the fantastic paper turkey made by son at school! Christmas decor inspiration coming soon! I was on a hike yesterday and collected some fantastic grey lichen that has me thinking silver and grey’s with some sparkle!!

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