Dreamy Winter Wedding by Maine Seasons Events & Corbin Gurkin

Winter Wedding Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWe have featured Maine in every season…Spring hope, Summer bliss, and Autumn Warmth..but the sereneness of Winter in Maine is captured so wonderfully in this fantasy wedding design by the creative team of Meagan Gilpatrick at Maine Seasons Events, Corbin Gurkin, and Emily Carter Flowers.Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWinter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWhat caught our eye was how well the carefully chosen details mimicked all the elements we love about Winter in Maine.  Birch, glistening snow, twinkling lights, and hot cocoa…but with a hint of the Spring to come.Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWinter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsOn a personal note, I feel like I was meant to live in the Victorian times…all I really want to do is sip tea and nibble petit-fours…so this whimsical table scape speaks to me directly!Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsDetails like the Scandinavian inspired snowflake pastries by Swans Way below will not be lost on your guests–weddings and special fetes are the perfect time to share such highly crafted and artful goodies.Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWinter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsOne year fur is in, and the next fur is out.  We say…ignore the trends and be warm yet stylish in your own way!Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsLove the surprising pop of fuschia and cerulean blue on these images.  It conjures the sky blue days of Summer that we long for in the dead of Winter, and also the gleaming horizon of Penobscot Bay…while keeping in tact all the restrained palettes of Winter.  Winter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWinter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons EventsWinter Wedding Maine Corbin Gurkin & Maine Seasons Events

We love how Emily Carter, floral designer, describes the approach for the shoot on Style Me Pretty: Our inspiration board combined a lush, simplistic vintage elegance with subtle touches of explicit detail.  I used this to direct my overall look and feel for the floral elements.  The beauty of full blooms of New Zealand peonies and the intricate detail of lady slipper orchids as well as the organic textural elements of various berzillia baubles and brunia berries brought forth a wonderful combination of a vintage style elegance with a touch of organic texture.  French and double tulips were icing on the cake with the combination as their natural tendency to flow and have such a beautiful curve and shape is one that I will always adore.  Silver dusty miller was a beautiful complement to all of these above flowers as its texture speaks for itself, but it also conveniently mimicked the silver mercury glass bowl that we used for the container in the shoot.  Finally, it is a shame that images can not be scratch and sniff, as the aroma of the peonies and the tuberrose was a nice breath of Spring in the midst of a frigid winter day.  For the bouquets, it was impossible to simply create one as I wanted to do a bouquet that would nicely complement the centerpiece elements; however once I found impeccable anemones with black centers, I was compelled to create yet another.  These flowers have the most amazing contrast of not only color, but also the dainty delicate petals contrasted with the heaviness of the dark center is so very inviting.  I will always love these flowers and that is the reasoning behind the second bouquet, as I simply could not go without showcasing their stellar and distinctive beauty.

Things we love about this fantasy Winter Wedding…

The Colloborative Creative Process of these amazing ladies…and what it produces!
Maine Seasons Events…Meagan Gilpatrick has a rustic, whimsical, yet elegant style that shines in the design of this fantasy.  The layers of blue and white and red and fuschia work so harmoniously with the white landscape!
Corbin Gurkin Photography…beautifully capturing the fairy tale layers and textures of the Maine Coast on a serene Winter day.
Emily Carter…for the velvety smooth textures and composed, artful color palette.
Swans Way…for the divinely inspired petit fours and catering.  Yeah, I’m gonna be calling them.
Let Them Eat Cake…I’ve eaten many a luscious cake from Gayle Forte, and this one just takes my breath away.
Ceci New York…for the inspired stationery and divinely azure blue design.
Lo Boheme…for the hair accessories and romantic cake topper.
Temperly London…for the glamorous wedding gown.
Out of Hand…stunning handmade, woodland inspired necklace.
Tina Warwell…for bringing a very light, angelic hand to the styling!
Anthropologie…perfection with the mercury glass ornaments.
Cole Haan…for accessories.
Style Me Pretty…for being a constant amazing source for both wedding creatives and brides.  If you haven’t visited their site yet…oh goodness…clear your schedule for the next 8 hours and get comfortable.
Fox Hill Estate…a private manor with the classic view of Penobscot Bay.
Sharyn Peavey…I recognized my friend and fellow photographer as the coquettish bride!  Rockin it girl!!  Who knew?
Camden Maine in Winter…don’t overlook this quiet, fun filled season for your wedding or fete!  Camden doesn’t shut down like some coastal areas do…and people are ready to cozy up and party down once the snow starts flying.

{all photos by Corbin Gurkin of Corbin Gurkin Photography}

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